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Journal Cover: Machine Learning Transfer Efficiencies for Noisy Quantum Walks

Our paper Machine Learning Transfer Efficiencies for Noisy Quantum Walks is now published in Advanced Quantum Technologies journal and is featured on the journal cover. Quantum walks is a tool for studying various phenomena in quantum systems, including quantum transport in complex networks. In article number 1900115, Alexey A. Melnikov and co‐workers suggest how to improve […]

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Machine Learning Risk Institute Winter School

On 29-31 January 2020, I was lecturing about Reinforcement Learning at the multidisciplinary Machine Learning Winter School, University of Liverpool. There was a very interesting set of lectures on computer vision and important applications in healthcare, surveillance, and autonomous driving.

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Our new NJP publication: neural network separated quantum and classical effects in the space of networks

Predicting quantum advantage by quantum walk with convolutional neural networksAlexey A Melnikov et al 2019 New J. Phys. 21 125002

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2019 Machine Learning for Quantum Technology Workshop

Workshop webiste: Videos of all talks: My contributed talk:

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